TWiLight Menu++ skins

Here you can find all the skins for TWiLight Menu++ from the DS-Homebrew/twlmenu-extras repository.

To see all available skins for the theme you’re using, click the theme in the top red bar.

To make your own skins, there’s a wiki page on how to make Nintendo DSi / Nintendo 3DS skins. For Original R4 and Wood UI skins simply edit the images from an existing skin.

If you want your skin added here, make a pull request on the GitHub repository or send it and ask on the DS⁽ⁱ⁾ Mode Hacking Discord server.

If you’re on a 2DS or 3DS, all of the skins on this site can be downloaded directly on console using Universal-Updater. To add the UniStore go to settings, choose Select UniStore, tap the + button at the bottom, and select TWiLight Menu++ Skins to add. Once it’s added simply select twlmenu-skins.unistore from the Select UniStore menu to switch to it.

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